Introducing Physical Theatre and Clown

with Justine Arden
Artists Director of Breadknives
Clown and Coach at Cirque du Soleil Events + Experiences
14/15 March 10h -17h
Registration :
We all know the clown –don’t we? But do we know what clown really is, and how important it can be to anyone who steps on a stage?
Actors, acrobats, dancers, musicians – this workshop could be for you. It’s for anyone who wants to discover the basics of physical theatre, and begin the approach to clown performance.
Clown is an essential part of my performance art. I currently create and perform in clown acts, as well as coaching for Cirque du Soleil events.
I am a co-founder of the performing arts company Breadknives.
I’ll be at La Caserne in March for two intensive days of physical acting from 10am to 17pm!
We work through improvisation. I accompany you through the basic notions of physical theatre inspired by the Lecoq method – physical presence and awareness on stage, space dynamics, neutral masque, bouffons, children, and, finally, let’s bring out your clown!
“The clown lets the actor work and comfortably waits for his turn to emerge.” (Michel Dallaire).
I work through physical theatre technique in order for you to have a large range of repertoire when searching for your clown. This technique will allow you more freedom of movement and play while creating clown work.
See you at La Caserne on the 14th and 15th of March.