Bringing Emotion in Acrobatics – with Justine Arden

Workshop with Justine Arden,
Artistic Director of Breadknives
Coach at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group
You’re on stage. You’re a dancer, an acrobat or anyone who expresses their art through the body.
You have worked hard on your act. Your movements are the result of technical determination and imagination.
But something is missing. This is where I come in. My job is to help you get the best out of your performance by going beyond the physical presentation.
I want to help give a dimension to your characters, to express emotions, to create a dramatic development beyond just telling a story.
It’s not for beginners. It’s for professionals who already have the technical skills to create an act.
I will give you the tools necessary to fuel your imagination, and find how to best apply your physical virtuosity to a creative purpose. You will learn how to construct and express your creative ideas in an original form that stems from you. This work can vary, from finding unconventional rhythm ruptures, to perfecting a physical body language that better expresses your identity.
We can work on giving greater meaning to your storylines, developing your characters, fitting them into relevant ambiances. Yes, this is your creation but I am the fresh eye that enhances it.
My aim is to make sure that each artist can find a unique style, and leaves this workshop with an original, strong proposition for an acrobatic act.
As an audience, we always crave to see who is the artist behind the acrobatic stunts. I am here to ensure that your act, while maintaining its technical virtuosity, expresses your style and brings to the stage what makes you unique.
Working method
We will be working with tools of improvisation developed by the Lecoq physical theatre, where you will be taught how to better engage with the public, and experiment with different methods that allow you to express your creativity.
We finish the day with demonstrations and feedback. It is important for everyone to see the evolution of their colleagues, as it will contribute to their own efforts.
These tools are yours to use for future projects. I want everyone to leave this workshop knowing how to enhance their artistic performance.
PARIS: four day intensive workshop, 27 Feb to 1st March included, 4 hours per day (total 16hours of work) at Cirque Fusion, 8 rue Gaston Monmousseau, 93100 Montreuil.
40€ per day + 15€ membership to Cirque Fusion if not a member
Total four days price 150€ + 15€ membership to Cirque Fusion if not a member
Registration: send cv and video if possible at
NEW YORK: Two day workshop 21/03 – 22/03 at The Muse, Brooklyn
65$ per day
120$ for two days
Registration : drop an email at