Lizard in Shoes

A workshop with Brandon Lagaert // Cie Peeping Tom (Be)

“Finding your Solo Act”

Key member of PEEPING TOM Brandon Lagaert has chosen Breadknives to produce the workshop “Lizard in Shoes“ at the Comédie Faun in Paris.

This workshop is aimed at professional performers used to working with intense movement (dancers, circus, or physical theatre performers).

The aim is to improve your solo act, to develop a specific style and find originality in the way you move and play as a performer.

Starting off as an actor, then discovering breaking and later on contemporary dance, Brandon incorporates various elements of those styles and lets them flow from one to another. These elements have developed into concepts that stem from the work of Peeping Tom with whom he has been performing since 2013, and others that he has developed himself.
The workshop will introduce you to those concepts to spark the creativity within yourself; you will be given the tools which can help you finding your own movements, phrases, qualities, and later characters.

Brandon will give you specific tasks through guided improvisation where you will steadily build upon the foundation that has been established in the first day. With an emphasis on floor work, qualities and states, you will glide, spin, flow, melt, freeze, tick, hoover, glitch, and float.

You will delve into the creation of characters, physicality, the relation between text and movement, dramaturgy, states, presence and touch briefly upon elements such as scenography, lighting and soundscape. With these tools, and by exploring your own movement, Brandon will help you take advantage of your physical virtuosity, push you to your extreme and help you surpass your own limits to be able to break out of your comfort zone.
Here you will be able to play with a unique physical language that stems from you and defines your own style.
The workshop will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September at Comédie Faun, Montreuil Paris.
Every day runs from 10am until 4pm with a one hour lunch break (total of 15 hours of work).
The fee for this workshop is €280.

The workshop is directed at semi-professionals and professionals only.
To apply please send us your cv, a short motivational letter, and if possible links to any videos of you in movement at:

Applications close on the 20th of June 12pm.